Welcome to the DRL’s Accredited Workshop Providers page

Here you will find a list of companies that have been through the DRL workshop accreditation process and that can now assist businesses seeking advice from experts in order to move forward in their digital journey.

“ CIC” has ensured that every accredited consultant’s workshop meets the required criteria and quality standards before they obtain the DRL Workshop Certification. This is done to protect the image and reputation of DRL-Tool as a brand, but more importantly to ensure that your organisation gets the most valuable outputs out of these workshops.

Take a look at the currently available ones, and feel free to get in touch with DRL to tell us which workshop would you like to know more about. Then, we will put you in contact with the person in charge of delivering that workshop within that particular organisation.

Supplier Location Contact Workshop Description
HSSMI UK 02038235650 Our Digital Readiness Review (DRR) workshops have been developed with your business objectives and goals in consideration. Working together to develop a holistic roadmap that will assist leading your company to its desired future. Using one of our in-house digital technology experts, we work with your business to create a bespoke, purpose built and interactive Roadmap application - to lead your organisation on the path to success. Find out more here
Digital Catapult UK 0300 1233 101 The Catapult's mission is to help increase digital capability within UK manufacturers. The Catapult is based in London and has offices in several other parts of the UK and a wide network of partner organisations. It has a strong track record in delivering workshops and other innovation activities to help major companies understand and adapt to a digital world - including Rolls-Royce, BOC, Thales, Seagate and Boeing. The Catapult specialises in IoT, immersive technologies and AI and machine learning.
EDGE Digital Manufacturing All UK Regions served by our network of experienced manufacturing and digital technology experts 07876 477752
EDGE Digital Manufacturing is the advisory services partner of The Manufacturer organisation. We are experienced designers, manufacturers, technologists and product/ service buyers. We work collaboratively with suppliers, makers and their customers to understand and exploit the business opportunities made possible by digital technologies.
Our Digital Business Accelerator workshop service provides essential support for ambitious companies wanting to push on with their digital journey. Building on the DRL-Tool we help you to Analyse deeply your readiness to advance with digital technologies, to Break-through in your team’s thinking about how-to step-up productivity and competitiveness, and to Create a compelling business and investment case to leap forward into new markets. All our Digital Business Accelerator workshops are facilitated by experts in your sector and in digital technologies. Please click here for more news of how we are helping businesses to leverage the power of digital technologies on their business terms.